Wayward Towns Crown Saints

Towns fall slightly short. The signs looked good for Towns 42 seconds into the games start, with a goal by Scott Bedford. A 5 goal first quarter had Towns leading Saints 5.1 to 3.3 .

The second quarter started the same way as the first with Liam Bedford slotting a major 52 seconds after the start. Saints finished the quarter off with 4 majors to 2 for Towns. Saints went into the long break 46 to 44.

The 3rd quarter Saints kicked 3 unanswered goals and Towns kicked 1.6. The first goal for Towns in the 3rd quarter was at the 18 minute mark by Scott Bedford, the quarter finished, Saints 64 v Towns 56.

The last quarter was a shoot out with Towns again kicking an early goal 11 seconds in. Both teams kicked 6 goals each for a final score of Saints 15.5 = 95 to Towns 13.9 = 87.

It was our Q3 that cost Towns the game, the only quarter Towns kicked more points than goals, but a great game. Major goal kickers Scott Bedford 4 goals, Liam Bedford 3 goals, Jeremy Woodley 2 goals and Marvelous Marvin Waston with 2 goals with SOS and Rhys one each.

#AFLBroome #Kimberleyfootball #TownsFootballBroome #WKFL

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