Judgement Day Sees Towns Go Down

We started very competitively against our speedy and more favoured opponents. We trailed by just 8 points at ¼ time.

In the 2nd term it went a bit pear shaped and the umpires lost the plot. I’m not blaming the umps for the loss but holy crap they were appalling. The boys heads dropped after a few controversial decisions, actually they weren’t controversial they were just really badly wrong, didn’t go our way and Looma got their tales up as they slammed on 8 goals for the term whilst we didn’t bother the scorers.

After a spray from the coaches (not to the umpires as much as we wanted too) Towns lifted in the third term and we were again competitive, actually winning the quarter by 3 points.

Unfortunately we couldn’t sustain this pressure and Looma stormed home in the final term booting 7 final term goals and running out 96 point victors.

Was disappointing that we had two poor quarters and Looma was able to capitalise on our endless turnovers. We are a young inexperienced side that is improving but unfortunately our skills and decision making let us down at times.

2016 best & fairest winner Shae Butler was outstanding again in the middle and he was ably supported by Zak Austin. Adam Bin Buso was very measured in the backline. Lyle Carter battled hard and Beau Leach slotted a couple after moving forward after a heavy knock.

#TownsFootballBroome #Kimberleyfootball #WKFL #AFLBroome

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